A Tiny Life Moment of brightness in the midst of pain and Day 6 of my 100 day writing challenge

The Moment

Scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. I stop at the picture of a friend. A portrait. Short wavy silver hair face framed an elfish face, overlaying an undercurrent of charcoal-grey hair. Eyes looking straight-through, filled with a mysterious force, a power that crashed a thousand shores, on rocks, cliffs, stones and gently…

A Tiny Life Moment of understanding and Day 9 of my 100 day writing challenge

The Moment

She was a diminutive woman.

I did not have my glasses on, so I could not make out her features. I would guess she was over sixty. She was dressed smartly in white. A little too formal for 7am. She wore a loose pair of linen trousers, a white t-shirt…

A tiny life moment of biting off more than I can chew and Day 7 of my 100 day writing challenge

The moment

They laughed so hard, I was told that my sister almost peed on herself with all the merriment. I could not blame them, I was laughing out myself as a friend tried to put me out of the hole. I had gotten myself stuck in the hole. There was no…

A topic prompted by Karen Nimmo and Day 4 of my 100 day writing challenge

Karen Nimmo asks, ‘what’s the best life advice you ever got?’ I read her great article here and decided I would like to share mine as well. Growing up in Nigeria, it’s no surprise that my selections are based on popular Nigerian sayings. …

Poetry at the shared trauma of Black People and Day 3 of my 100 day writing challenge

If we only had one story
Would it be told
From the moment we were sold
Or was there a beginning before the discovering

If we only had one story
Would it be of greatness, dignity, wealth, endless resources
Or the barrenness showed today, wars, famine, lack

Within, without, extended

A Tiny Life Moment of Love Lost

The Moment

It was a quick tweet, but it singed the raised hairs of my heart. My quote is paraphrased and fictionalised but the sentiment was echoed in too many of the 119 responses. This was someone’s reality in the moment.

My partner raised his head up at breakfast and said “I…

Explaining the real reason you never have time, and what to do about it and Day 2 of my 100 day writing challenge

When last did you hear someone say, ‘I don’t have the time?’

Recently? Me too.

It was the truth, but they lied. This lie/truth dilemma is the delusion of the clocks, and in this article, I’ll try to explain why we never have time and the one thing we can…

It wasn’t designed for me, but I’ll do it, anyway; and Day 1 of my 100 day writing challenge

Hi, I am Keno and I will take part in the illumination 100-day challenge for new writers. I am not new.

I used to write regularly with illumination when I first joined Medium in May 2020. It was lockdown, and I saw the world clearer. Words flowed. …

A tiny life writing prompt on the good, the bad and the ugly of the pandemic

There is always a trigger.

It may be a chat with a friend, a photograph, a walk through the park, a new job offer, something said. But in that moment, realisation dawns and you smile and think, life is not that bad after all, what happened?

It may be a…

Keno Ogbo

Crafting sentences that heal, treasuring tiny life moments. Liberating a stochastic brain. Christian. Outsystemer. Building a world of hope through words.

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