Nothing Else To Do

An unprovoked 15 day brutal battle with procrastination — Day Two

Keno Ogbo
2 min readJun 7


Photo by Batu Gezer on Unsplash

I had been in and out of a hazy sleep for an unknown amount of time. The fight was real, satisfying instant gratification, pontificating and daydreaming with idle coloured ease. You would think Procrastination was winning. But you would be wrong. I was not slacking. I was assembling my weapon. Getting a feel for its weight. Feeling the balance, so when the time came, I could strike the lethal blow.

Today I had a Jian — a double edged sword originating from China in the 7th century. You know it well. Today we call it boredom. It was the weapon Procrastination used against me in the past, with huge success. But yesterday, I learnt how to use it against the enemy. As my people would say — “Every day for the thief but one day for the owner of the house.

11:47pm, Yesterday

I gathered my boredom busters — a Huawei Mobile Phone with Netflix installed, and a Samsung 9 with the deadly trio, Royal Match, Block Puzzle and Scrabble, the undefeated champion— Instagram and my undying hero — WhatsApp. Balancing both on my ‘work computer’, I led them deep within the Kingdom of Silent Cold — a heartless, dark, empty place void of sound and life. Otherwise known as my living room at night. They languished beneath the lined green surface of the centre table, pushed far out of sight with no hope for rescue. I will embrace boredom. No longer tempted by their distracting presence.

8.18 am, Today

Jian took a while to be sharpened, I tossed and turned, wondering how else to alleviate my ease. Bored. No games to play, no instagram to scroll, no work computer to check messages. There was only one way to ease my boredom — write. Tim Urban’s Instant Gratification Monkey had no defence. The Jian attacked. The narrow straight blade easily piercing through. “Death to Procrastination,” I cried. The violent take it by force.

I write

I am feeling good. I feel confident. I can battle procrastination for 15 days. This is day two.



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